Brian Wood and Susan Harle established Harlewood Studio on Queensland's famous Sunshine Coast, where they design and manufacture one off and limited edition jewelry pieces.
They both acquired formal training at the South Australian, Craft Authorities, Jam Factory Workshops, under master craftsmen Vagn Hemmingsen from the George Jensen workshops and Frank Bauer, designer and metalsmith. Brian went on to teach Jewelry and Silversmithing with the S.A. School of Art, whilst Sue has taught Jewelry making and design with the Department of Further Education S.A.
Both artists have exhibited throughout Australia and Brian is represented in the Queensland Art Gallery (Survey of Contemporary Australian Craft)

Sue, what led you to glass bead weaving ?
My love of colour and background in silversmithing and jewelry as well as in fashion, inevitably led to my passion for beading.
I love to create objects and jewellery with small, glass, Japanese cylinder and seed beads using ancient stitches such as peyote and brickstitch. They allow me to design and execute with precision the clean, abstract pieces with spirals and zig–zags often taking dimensional shapes . I am inspired by the Art- Deco period in particular and prefer a strong or monochromatic colour palette . The colours and finishes of the beads vary everytime they catch the light whether it be in sunlight or candlelight.
My beaded jewellery is designed to become “Your favourite pieces” to be worn everyday but special enough to take you through to the evening.

Brian, what is the inspiration behind your jewelry?
My love of music, science fiction and the quirky aspects of life combined with a dark sense of humour are representative of my individual style of jewelry.
I am passionate about the truly handmade, it makes the difference between Art and mass production and has an intrinsic value to most of us. Simply a creative gesture which gives shape to the imagination.
My main medium is sterling silver for its unique properties. Where possible I like to combine it with recycled materials.
The jewellery I like to make usually has a message, either in the honesty and integrity of materials chosen or the form of the piece itself.
All of the items on this site are individually hand fabricated.

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